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Stratavia Corp.
Now owned by Hewlett-Packard Company
Industry Software
Founded 2001
Key people
Thor Culverhouse, CEO
Venkat Devraj, CTO
Jennifer Panning, CFO
Mike Puterbaugh, VP, Marketing
Products HP Database and Middleware Automation software (formerly called Data Palette Data Center Automation Platform)
Website HP Software website

Stratavia, formerly known as ExtraQuest,[1] was a software company that specialized in enterprise Database and Data Center Automation, and private cloud computing enablement.[2] Stratavia was founded by Venkat Devraj and Rainier Luistro in 2001.[3]

The company held two patents for automating standard operating procedures in database administration,[4] and was included in the analyst firm Gartner's list of Cool Vendors for 2009.[5]

The company received venture funding from Vista Ventures, Asset Management Company and Adams Street Partners[6] and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with offices in San Francisco, New York City, Atlanta, Boston and London, United Kingdom.[7] In Aug. 2010, HP announced the acquisition of Stratavia to bolster its cloud computing and automation software portfolio.[8][9]


Stratavia’s flagship IT automation software was called Data Palette.[10] Data Palette focused on automating the full lifecycle of applications and database systems, including patch management, compliance reporting, and capturing configuration settings. Data Palette capabilities were also useful in configuring and operating servers in the enterprise private cloud, where business users provision their own servers and applications.[11] Common use cases for the technology include private cloud enablement, self service request management and rule-based asset life-cycle automation.

HP Software Division planned to integrate Stratavia technology into its cloud computing portfolio, including HP Cloud Service Automation Software.[12]


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