Stray Bullet (2010 film)

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Stray Bullet
Directed by Georges Hachem
Produced by Georges Schoucair
Written by Georges Hachem
Starring Badih Bouchakra
Takla Chamoun
Nadine Labaki
Hind Taher
Nazih Youssef
Music by Nadim Mishlawi
Cinematography Muriel Abourrousse
Distributed by Abboutt Productions
Release date
  • November 2010 (2010-11)
Running time
77 minutes
Country Lebanon
Language Arabic

Stray Bullet (Arabic: رصاصة طايشة‎‎; translit. Rsasa Taysheh), the first long feature film by Lebanese director Georges Hachem, is a 2010 Lebanese film.


On the end of summer 1976, in the Northern's suburb of Beirut, Noha is getting married. Her family is relieved for she’s taking her last chance before she becomes an old maid like her older sister. Everything is going for the best until, on that Sunday, Noha changes her mind about the wedding and decides to meet up with her ex-lover. Events of this day will change the family's life forever.


  • Nadine Labaki as Noha
  • Badih Bou Chacra as Assaf (the brother)
  • Nazih Youssef as John (the fiancé)
  • Takla Chammoun as Layla (the sister)
  • Rodrigue Sleiman Joseph (the ex-lover)
  • Inaam Germanos as Assaf's mother


Hachem wrote the Noha's role as part of a challenge to meet enough requirements by Labaki. The picture of the movie was shot using Super 16 to illustrate the grainy quality of the 70's movies.[1]


Stray Bullet was screened in many festivals during 2010, and enjoyed good reception. Among the festivals:

  • Dubai International Film Festival
  • Cairo International Film Festival
  • Toronto World
  • London Film Festival
  • Medfilm Festival, Rome


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