Streatfeild River

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Streatfeild River
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Northwestern Ontario
District Kenora
Part of James Bay drainage basin
Source Streatfeild Lake
 - elevation 181 m (594 ft)
 - coordinates 52°08′35″N 85°52′25″W / 52.14306°N 85.87361°W / 52.14306; -85.87361
Mouth Attawapiskat River
 - elevation 148 m (486 ft)
 - coordinates 52°39′9″N 85°56′18″W / 52.65250°N 85.93833°W / 52.65250; -85.93833Coordinates: 52°39′9″N 85°56′18″W / 52.65250°N 85.93833°W / 52.65250; -85.93833
Length 65 km (40 mi)
Location of the mouth of the Streatfeild River in Ontario

The Streatfeild River is a river in Kenora District in Northwestern Ontario, Canada.[1] It is a right tributary of the Attawapiskat River and its source is Streatfeild Lake, adjacent to the headwaters of the neighbouring Kapiskau River. The river lies in the Hudson Bay Lowlands and is part of the James Bay drainage basin.

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