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For the Canadian street newspaper, see Street Sheet Canada.
Street Sheet
Street Sheet.jpg
Type Twice monthly newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Coalition on Homelessness
Publisher Coalition on Homelessness
Editor Sam Lew
Founded November, 1989
Headquarters San Francisco, CA, U.S.
Website [1]
Saleswoman in San Francisco

The Street Sheet is a street newspaper published and sold in San Francisco, California which focuses on the problems of homeless people in the city, and on issues of poverty and housing. Founded in 1989, the Street Sheet is second only to the Street News as the oldest extant street newspaper in the United States and currently has the largest circulation of a street newspaper with 32,000 papers distributed monthly.

The Coalition on Homelessness publishes the newspaper, and vendors distribute the paper on the streets of San Francisco, usually in exchange for a two-dollar donation.

The millionth issue was sold in 1993.

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