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The Stress Factory is a comedy club located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It has hosted numerous comedians including Andrew Dice Clay, Dave Attell, Richard Lewis, Chris Rock, Chris Rush, Denis Leary, Gilbert Gottfried, Louie Anderson, Artie Lange, Jim Breuer, Jim Norton, Brian Regan, Bill Burr, Greg Giraldo, Jeff Ross, Norm Macdonald, Christopher Titus, David Allen Grier, Drew Carey, Rich Vos and Jake Link

Greg Giraldo's final performance[edit]

On September 24, 2010, Greg Giraldo performed his last comedy stand-up routine at the Stress Factory, and was scheduled to perform the following Saturday and Sunday as well.[1][2][3] However, the next day, Giraldo overdosed on prescription pills in his New Jersey hotel room, and then, all the other shows were cancelled.[4] Although there are over 700 videos of recorded past events and shows from the Stress Factory on YouTube,[5] the Stress Factory has removed any footage of Greg Giraldo's previous shows that happened before the incident.[6][6][7] On October 3, 2010, posted a video on their web site of his final performance at the Stress Factory.[8]


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