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Stuart A. Linder
Stuart Linder.jpg
Born (1965-05-15) May 15, 1965 (age 52)
Pacific Palisades, California, U.S.
Alma mater UCLA
Occupation Plastic Surgeon

Stuart Linder is a Beverly Hills, CA plastic surgeon known for his appearances on several reality and news television shows. Linder is also a published author.

Media Appearances[edit]

Linder's media appearances include television and documentary films. On television, he is a member of the Medical Advisory Board for the Dr. Oz Show.,[1] as well as being an Editorial Advisory Board member for Dr. Mehmet Oz's social media/health website hybrid, or as he describes it, "Facebook with health info",[2] Sharecare. ShareCare was created by Jeff Arnold and Dr. Oz, with help from the Oprah Winfrey-owned Harpo Studios, as well as Sony Pictures Television and Discovery Communications.[3] He has worked as a correspondent[4] with CBS Entertainment Tonight for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Issues, recently commenting on the double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery of Angelina Jolie. He has appeared on 20/20 with Barbara Walters,[5] exploring most innovative techniques on breast enhancement on 20/20 ABC. Dr. Linder has appeared on K-CAL 9.[6] He has also appeared on the daytime TV series, "The Doctors (2008 TV series)".[7]

Dr. Linder appeared with reality TV star Courtney Stodden in 2013 as she announced that he performed her breast augmentation surgery.[8]

Published Books[edit]

Linder is the author of, 'The Beverly Hills Shape: The Truth About Plastic Surgery'.[9] Linder has also published several scholarly articles, including one for the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.[10]


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