Success (The Posies album)

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Studio album by The Posies
Released 18 February 1998
Genre Alternative rock
Label PopLlama
Producer The Posies, Johnny Sangster & Conrad Uno at Egg Studios
The Posies chronology
Amazing Disgrace
Dream All Day: The Best of the Posies

Success is the fifth album by Seattle Alternative rock band The Posies. This was their last album until their reunion album: Every Kind of Light (2005).

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow.

  1. "Somehow Everything"
  2. "You’re the Beautiful One"
  3. "Looking Lost"
  4. "Fall Apart With Me"
  5. "Placebo"
  6. "Who to Blame"
  7. "Start a Life"
  8. "Friendship of the Future"
  9. "Grow"
  10. "Farewell Typewriter"
  11. "Every Bitter Drop"
  12. "Fall Song"