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Alex Isle [altered from Sue Isle in 2014]
Born 1963
Fremantle, Western Australia
Genre Fantasy, science fiction and horror

Alex Isle (born 1963 in Fremantle, Western Australia) is the author of the Young Adult literature fantasy novel Scale Of Dragon, Tooth Of Wolf and nonfiction children's book 'Wolf Children.' A collection of post apocalyptic stories set in Perth, "Nightsiders" was published in 2011.

In 2014 Isle changed his name from Susan to Alex to reflect a gender change identity and adopted the pronouns he/his. Publications before 2014 are under the name Sue Isle.

Isle lives in Perth, Western Australia and has been writing as long as he knew that real people wrote books. These books include the YA novel Scale of Dragon, Tooth of Wolf and kids book Wolf Children. Isle has sold numerous stories around the place to markets such as Aurealis, Orb, ASIM, Agog, Sword and Sorceress and Tales of the Unanticipated [USA] and Shiny, a YA fiction magazine. Isle's other interests include history, sf conventions, roleplay gaming, gardening and working out how best to turn his hometown into a post apocalypse scenario.

Scale Of Dragon, Tooth Of Wolf is about a rebellious teen in an alternate-world 16th century joining a group of sorceresses. Alex Isle is also the author of the Non-fiction book Wolf children : the real feral kids : an extraordinary story [1] Alex Isle lives in Perth, Western Australia.



  • Nightsiders (collection of theme fiction) (2011)
  • Scale of Dragon, Tooth of Wolf (1996)
  • Wolf Children (1998)

Short fiction[edit]


  • Dogs Who Are Wolves (1998) in School Magazine Reprinted 2016.
  • Worldcon (2000) in Write Away Magazine (Fremantle Arts Centre)
  • The Wolf Girls (2001) in School Magazine
  • Roleplaying for Authors (2001) in Write Away Magazine
  • Why Science Fiction Isn’t Scary (2002) in Write Away Magazine
  • Kept by Rats (2002) in Pets, Vets and People
  • A Person, More or Less Wicked (2003 in Fables and Reflections Easter 2003

Awards and nominations[edit]

Aurealis Awards[1]

Ditmar Awards[1]


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