Suffering Luna

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Suffering Luna
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Powerviolence, crust punk, sludge metal, post-hardcore, noise
Years active 1990–present
Members Messee
Sean Socco
Patrick Palma
Mathias Alderaan Derecha
Dustin Johnson

Suffering Luna is a hardcore punk band based in Los Angeles, California. They are notable for their early contributions to the punk subgenre known as powerviolence and their split releases with Dystopia and Gasp.[1] The band has existed since the early 1990s. Their music is a blend of crust and powerviolence with neo-psychedelia and noise. The inclusion of noise in their sound has led to comparisons with fellow pioneering powerviolence band Man is the Bastard/Bastard Noise.[2]


Current lineup[edit]

  • "Messee" – vocals
  • Sean Socco (Scalplock, Our Scars are Gifts) – guitar, vocals, electronics
  • Patrick Palma (Magnolia Thunderpussy, Melic Sub Rosa, Pipsqueak) – drums
  • Mathias Alderaan Derecha (Spirit of Hate, Cave State, Fractured) – bass, electronics
  • Dustin Johnston (Actuary, To the Point, Fractured) - electronics

Former members[edit]

  • Mitch Brown (Gasp) – drums, electronics
  • Joe Lara – guitar
  • "Taz" – bass, vocals
  • Fivel Perez (Runamuck) - bass, vocals
  • "Junior" – drums
  • Sean Cole (F.Y.P., Toys That Kill) – drums



  • Self Titled CD/LP (2011 To Live a Lie Records)


  • Blood Filled Bong Cassette (2012 To Live a Lie Records)


  • Suffering Luna/Dystopia 7" (1995 Pessimiser Records, reissued on Life Is Abuse/Misanthropic Records)
  • Suffering Luna/Gasp LP (1996 Deep Six Records)
  • Suffering Luna/Suffer the Storm LP (2014 King of the Monsters Records)
  • Suffering Luna/Column of Heaven LP (2016 Nerve Altar Records)


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