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Origin Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 1992–1998
Labels Invisible, Sire
Associated acts Fetchin Bones
Past members John Adamian
Chris Chandek
Deanna Gonzalez
Hope Nicholls
Aaron Pitkin

Sugarsmack were an American alternative rock band based in Charlotte, North Carolina formed by Hope Nicholls and Aaron Pitkin. The group was put together after Hope had departed from her previous band, Fetchin Bones, and had begun to write new music with Pitkin.[1] They began to collaborate with guitarist Chris Chandek, who was eventually asked to join permanently along with his friend John Adamian and Deanna Gonzalez. [2] They were popular locally, with their eclectic sound earning them comparisons to The Fall.[3] The band debuted with Top Loader in 1993 and released their only major label album in 1998 with Tank Top City.[4]


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