Sun Caged

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Sun Caged
Origin Eindhoven, Netherlands
Genres Progressive metal
Years active 1999−2014
Labels Lion Music
Members Paul Adrian Villarreal
Marcel Coenen
Rene Kroon
Daniel Kohn
Roel van Helden
Past members Dennis Leeflang
Rob van der Loo
Roel Vink
Sascha Burchardt
Joost van den Broek
Andre Vuurboom

Sun Caged was a progressive metal band originating in the Netherlands. Sun Caged was formed by ex-Lemur Voice guitarist Marcel Coenen and drummer Dennis Leeflang in the spring of 1999. Taking influences from artists in the metal genre such as Dream Theater, and Iron Maiden, Sun Caged has a unique sound which also incorporates influences from jazz and fusion. They have performed as support acts for bands such as Vanden Plas, Queensrÿche, Spock's Beard, and Fates Warning. Currently, the band has three albums, a self-titled studio album which was released on October 22, 2003, a second album, Artemisia, which was released on March 23, 2007 and the third album was released in 2011 and is called "The Lotus Effect". All three albums received critical acclaim from the media.[1]

The style stated by the band on their 2000 demo was rather experimental, with the use of female vocals, death growls, some melodic vocals with a touch of groove.[2]

After the release of their debut album the line up of Sun Caged changed considerably. When the recordings of Artemisia had started, Coenen was the only band member left from the original line up. Leeflang left shortly after the release of the band's debut to pursue a musical career in New York and was replaced by Roel van Helden. After singer André Vuurboom left to form Sphere Of Souls he was replaced by the American Paul Adrian Villarreal. With the departure of Vuurboom keyboard player Joost van den Broek also parted ways with Sun Caged to join After Forever, a Dutch gothic metal outfit. René Kroon was hired as Van den Broek's substitute. Shortly before the Artemisia recording sessions bass player Rob van der Loo left as well. He went to join Dutch gothic metal band Delain and was replaced by Roel Vink.

The band's third studio album, The Lotus Effect, was released on June 17, 2011 through Lion Music. It was described as a balance between their eponymous debut and the more melodic second album, Artemisia.[3]


Last Line-up[edit]

Previous members[edit]

  • Dennis Leeflang − drums (1999-2003)
  • Rob van der Loo − bass guitar (1999-2006)
  • Sascha Burchardt − vocals (2000-2002)
  • Joost van den Broek − keyboards (2000-2004)
  • André Vuurboom − vocals (2002-2004)
  • Roel Van Helden - drums (2003-2012)
  • Roel Vink − bass (2006-2009)

On a project basis[edit]

  • Nick Hameury − vocals (1999)
  • Gregoor van der Loo − vocals (1999)
  • Thijs Cuppen − keyboards (1999)
  • Laura van Driel − vocals (1999–2000)


Studio albums[edit]

Demos albums[edit]


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