Sun Yu (Han dynasty)

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For other people named Sun Yu, see Sun Yu.
Sun Yu
General of Sun Quan
Born 177[1]
Died 215 (aged 38)[1]
Traditional Chinese 孫瑜
Simplified Chinese 孙瑜
Pinyin Sūn Yú
Wade–Giles Sun Yü
Courtesy name Zhongyi (traditional Chinese: 仲異; simplified Chinese: 仲异; pinyin: Zhòngyì; Wade–Giles: Chung-i)
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Sun.

Sun Yu (177–215),[1] courtesy name Zhongyi, was a cousin of Sun Quan, a warlord who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty and later became the founding emperor of the state of Eastern Wu in the Three Kingdoms period. Sun Yu was the second son of Sun Jing, a younger brother of Sun Quan's father Sun Jian.


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  1. ^ a b c The Sanguozhi mentioned that Sun Yu died at the age of 39 (by East Asian age reckoning) in the 20th year of the Jian'an era (196–220) in the reign of Emperor Xian of Han. Quote from Sanguozhi vol. 51: (年三十九,建安二十年卒。) By calculation, Sun Yu's birth year should be around 177.