Sundara Purushan (2001 film)

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Sundara Purushan
Directed by Jose Thomas
Produced by Baiju Ezhupunna
Written by Udayakrishna-Siby K. Thomas
Starring Suresh Gopi
Music by Rajamani
Mohan Sithara
Cinematography Saloo George
Edited by Bhoominathan
Release date
14 September 2001
Country India
Language Malayalam

Sundara Purushan is a Malayalam language film. It was released in 2001.[1] The film was a remake of the 1994 Telugu film Shubhalagnam.



The story is about Suryanaranan (Suresh Gopi) who is a musician and is not-well-to-do. One day, he gets a job at a psychiatric hospital and the owner, Joythika (Devayani)agrees to give him a high pay. She then becomes violent when Surya refuses to sing. Then, Gevargesese (Mukesh), the doctor at the hospital reveals that she is mentally retarded.As part of the treatment Surya decides love Joythika. Upon hearing that he rejected payment my the doctor, Surya runs away to his hometown to see his wife, and daughter, Manjima Mohan. After a few days, Devayani's father Ramachandra Menon (N F Vargeses) and Mukesh visit Suresh Gopi and explains that Devayani has become violent when her father refuses to allow them to marry. They need Suresh Gopi to marry Devayani so that she can be treated further. Initially, Suresh Gopi was hesitant but Devayani's father convinced Suresh Gopi's wife Nandini (Sridevi) by rewarding her wealth as much as they wanted. They couldn't resist the offer and Suresh Gopi agreed to 'act' to marry Devayani.Surya thinking the marriage ceremony is fake marries Joythika but her father has arranged for a real marriage to take place.Overcome by wealth Nandini forgets her duties as a mother which angers Surya and he slaps her. She vows to take revenge. Later Surya gets a divorce petition sent to him. Surya agrees to go to Austria with Joythika.When the divorce letter arrives at Nandini's house she realises she can't live without Surya and goes to see him.Menon reveals to Nandini that she had signed the divorce petition herself when he asked her to sign some papers after her receiving a large amount of cash she had blackmailed him into giving. Nandini pleads with the doctor for help and he goes to see Menon but Menon tells him that all he wants is his daughter's good health. At the airport, Joythika learns everything and returns to a normal mental state.


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