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The Sunday Night Show with Iain Lee
Running time 3 hours
Country of origin United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Home station Absolute Radio
Hosted by Iain Lee
Starring Iain Lee
Produced by David "Davis" Lambert
Eloise Carr
Recording studio No. 1, Golden Square, London
Original release 6 January 2008 – 13 September 2009
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Website Official Absolute Radio Page
Podcast Official Absolute Radio Podcast Link

The Sunday Night Show with Iain Lee was a Sony Award Silver-winning [1] weekly radio show broadcast on Absolute Radio, between 10 pm on Sunday and 1 am on Monday,[2] hosted by Iain Lee and produced by Eloise Carr, formerly by Dave "Davis" Lambert. The format of the show was primarily phone-in based, with callers discussing the pre-set topics of the evening, or to discuss topics that they themselves introduce. The show is notable for allowing calls to be aired unscreened for the last half-hour of the show, in a segment called "MMM" (or Triple M), which is similar in format to The Human Zoo. As well as talk, records are sparsely played throughout the show (approximately 4 to 5 records per hour) due to Absolute Radio's license as a music station.[3] The show ended in September 2009, and was replaced a month later by Iain Lee's 2 Hour Long Late Night Radio Show on the same station.


The Sunday Night Show was similar in format to Iain Lee's Good Evening, which was broadcast on LBC until November 2007. Unlike Lee's previous show, it was only broadcast one night a week as a niche show, as it was the only predominantly phone-in show broadcast on Absolute. The show featured some continuity from the LBC days, with callers from the previous station contributing similar output on the new show, for instance Barry from Watford.[4][5]

Regular features[edit]

The Sunday Night Show had several regular features including "Answerphone Messages", where best bits of messages left during the week on the answerphone were played[6] and "Triple M", the part of the show (broadcast at approximately 12.30 am) when calls went straight to air with no screening. However, as this may lead to inappropriate utterances from callers, the show was broadcast with a seven-second delay.

"Win Win or Lose" was a former feature where Lee gives away items he has received that week. Occasionally, he has given away other items as prizes, e.g. unwanted presents from relatives. The feature was not strictly speaking a competition but a game of chance – the only criterion needed to win was to be on hold on the right line(s) when the feature was played. The format has recently[when?] been changed to allow more than one person to play, however there is still no element of competition – if two callers partake, then the "winners" split the items equally, and may have been given the chance to swap prizes on air.

The "Col-Lee-Seum" (conceived by XTC guitarist Andy Partridge) was a feature when two listeners both argue separate issues. Following this the first five people to call in and vote for one of the contestants meant that contestant wins. Although the game was meant to be serious, due to the contestants and issues chosen, for instance chocolate or vanilla, the feature normally became a rabble.

Regular callers[edit]

Barry from Watford is a senile old man who phoned up during most shows. He has a wife called Margaret and a mental son called Dave. Both Barry and Dave are played by actor Alex Lowe.

Varinder or Vinny is a caller who used to be obsessed with Iain's show but has now turned into Iain's personal friend. During his very first call to the show, he asked a number of questions to Iain that were recorded and are regularly played out by Iain to confuse intoxicated callers.

G-Man A wannabe gangster.

Rob Burnett The most rebellious regular, who called in and makes fun of Iain and has created his own 'Top 50 List', which Lee's wife and producer joined.

Mr. Naughty A caller who lives in a basement and often talks to Iain about sexual and disturbing things. He also is in love with Eloise.

Kitty Karen A woman who has five cats.

Gary From Bristol An unemployed country bumpkin from Bristol who rants, raps and sometimes sings. Also has a crush on Eloise.

Sifu A man from Birmingham who likes karate.

Pitcher Phil A man who called in at the start of each show to update listeners on the latest results from Major League Baseball.

Anxious Man A man who claimed he is anxious, at times unbearably so. This individual had been phoning Iain on radio stations over the period of 3 years.

Gary from Catford A man from Catford who called in regularly.

Nick from Braintree A very camp gentleman who often called in to discuss the men he's been sleeping with.

Paulie A man who rang in to let the world know that he has "a dirty..." Paulie was invariably cut off (or disconnects) before he is able to say which possession, or part of his anatomy, is unclean.

Psychic Sylvia the Swinger A lady from the West Midlands who claimed to be psychic.

Fat Steve An American from Atlanta, Georgia.

Ed from Newent A 14-year-old boy from Newent who often phoned trying to convince Iain he's under 10 years old.

Alan Caddick A gentleman from the West Midlands who rang up every week, and ask for the topics at the start of the show. He has a semi-comprehensible accent and was often impersonated on air by other regular callers, especially during Triple M.

The Merchant A gentlemen from the South East who rang up. He impersonated "The Merchant" from Resident Evil 4 He wanted to buy things from other listeners, sang many classic songs and was accused by Iain of having an obsession with urine after a failed call involving a urine chart during Triple M. The Merchant was confused at the fact he had an enemy called "The Alpha" and doesn't know how him and "The Alpha" became enemies. The Merchant has now lost his Husky voice. It has now been replaced with a raconteur's voice. However, The Merchant beat Death and his voice has now returned to the airwaves. He claims to have connections to The British Royal family.

The Alpha The nemesis to the merchant. He often laughed at Iain's dial-up connection and was known to call up and copy Paulie's "I've got a dirty..."

Long-running jokes[edit]

I've got a dirty... This surreal joke was started by caller Paulie where he called up and says 'I've got a dirty...' with the intention of saying bumhole before Iain cuts him off. Usually he calls up on multiple lines so when Iain cuts him off he is on the air again immediately.

Ryan Reynolds Iain once commented that he thought that actor Ryan Reynolds had nice hair and he would like his hair cut like that. This prompted Rob Burnett to phone up and say that Ryan Reynolds is Iain's boyfriend.

Pradeep Callers often phoned in to see how long they can say Pradeep for. This ranged from 10 seconds to 1 minute.