Sunport Takamatsu

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Sunport-Takamatsu complex in Takamatsu City.

Sunport Takamatsu (サンポート高松 Sanpōto Takamatsu?) is a redevelopment district located on the site of the former Takamatsu Freight Depot in Hamanochō, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan. The development includes a shopping mall, hotel, apartments, convenience stores and several restaurants, and the Konami Sports Club Takamatsu. Sunport also acts as the passenger terminal for JR Shikoku's Takamatsu Station, the ferries at Port of Takamatsu, a wide range of taxi and bus companies, and offers bicycle and car rentals. The headquarters of JR Shikoku is located here as well.

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Coordinates: 34°21′10.4″N 134°2′47.3″E / 34.352889°N 134.046472°E / 34.352889; 134.046472