Sunrise, Long Beach, California

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Sunrise, also known as Sunrise Boulevard, is a neighborhood in the city of Long Beach, California. In 1990, the City of Long Beach by Ordinance C-6834 designated this neighborhood as the "Sunrise Boulevard Historic Landmark District."[1]


Originally a ranch, then a milk sanitarium, this neighborhood developed adjacent to the Pacific Electric Railway line. Homes are predominantly Craftsman Bungalows, constructed between 1908–1924, ranging from large mansions to small-scale workers' housing.

An early motor court, the El Cortez, was built in the early Twenties on the site of the sanitarium; today, it provides small apartments.

Today, this district is a blend of small-scale bungalows built for the working class, large-scale Craftsman homes built for prominent and prosperous citizens, and mid-scale bungalows in the Craftsman and Spanish Colonial Revival styles built for the middle class.


Sunrise is bordered by the Pacific Electric Railway right-of-way to the south, the city of Signal Hill to the east, Willow Street to the north, and Atlantic Avenue to the west.

To the south of Sunrise is the Central Long Beach area and to the west is Wrigley, and the city of Signal Hill is to the north and east.

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