Super Model Centroamérica

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Super Model Centroamérica
Super model centroamerica.jpg
Genre Reality television
Created by Tyra Banks
Presented by Leonora Jiménez
Judges Kito Rojas
Tony Daza
George Caballero
Dafne Montiel
Country of origin Costa Rica
No. of episodes 13
Original release August 2007 – October 2007
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Super Model Centroamérica is a reality documentary that features contestants from the participating countries Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama that are living in a villa in Heredia, Costa Rica and do a variety of model-business-based competitions to determine who will win title Super Model Centroamérica.

The show followed the format of America's Next Top Model, with Costa Rican model Leonora Jiménez taking the role of Tyra Banks in the original series as the head of the search as well as a mentor for the finalists. Cycle one premiered in August 2007, and was won by Lisseth Cáceres from Panama.

In its second year, the show became a beauty-pageant style search where all significant factors of a typical Next Top Model show were removed. Instead, each country had its own model search where all of the national winners got a ticket for the Supermodel of the World contest.


  • Kito Rojas
  • Tony Daza
  • George Caballero
  • Dafne Montiel

Cycle summary[edit]

Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants International destination
1 August 2007 Lisseth Cáceres Nadine Maxwell Gabriela Rubio, Iva Grijalva, Mariel Lagos, Graciela Monetenegro, Marcela Alger, Jessica Sánchez, Leslie Lino, Iris Vega, Nadege Herrera, Denisse Rivas 12 None


Contestant From Ranking
 Guatemala Gabriela Rubio 12th
 Nicaragua Iva Grijalva 11th
 Honduras Mariel Lagos 10th
 Guatemala Graciela Montenegro 9th
 El Salvador Marcela Alger 7th / 8th
 Costa Rica Jessica Sánchez
 Honduras Leslie Lino 6th
 Nicaragua Iris Vega 5th
 Panama Nadege Herrera 4th
 El Salvador Denisse Rivas 3rd
 Costa Rica Nadine Maxwell Runner-up
 Panama Lisseth Cáceres Winner

Call-out order[edit]

Leonora’s Call-out Order
Order Episodes
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Jessica Leslie Leslie Nadege Nadine Lisseth Lisseth Denisse Lisseth
2 Iris Marcela Nadine Marcela Iris Denisse Nadege Lisseth Nadine
3 Nadege Graciela Marcela Nadine Denisse Nadine Denisse Nadine Denisse
4 Lisseth Lisseth Lisseth Lisseth Leslie Iris Nadine Nadege
5 Nadine Denisse Nadege Leslie Nadege Nadege Iris
6 Mariel Jessica Graciela Iris Lisseth Leslie
7 Denisse Nadege Jessica Denisse Jessica
8 Iva Nadine Denisse Jessica Marcela
9 Leslie Mariel Iris[1] Graciela
10 Marcela Iris Mariel
11 Graciela Iva
12 Gabriela
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant won the competition