Suplacu de Barcău Viaduct

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Suplacu de Barcǎu Viaduct
27 General view at km 7+570.jpg
Coordinates 47°14′23″N 22°31′12″E / 47.23968°N 22.52008°E / 47.23968; 22.52008
Carries Motorway four lanes
Locale between Suplacu de Barcău and Borş
Total length 1,800 m[1]
Opened 2014

The Suplacu de Barcǎu Viaduct is a future viaduct between Suplacu de Barcău and Borş 90% built, and then abandoned by the American company Bechtel, on the route of the future A3 Transylvania Motorway.

Suplacu de Barcău viaduct is the largest structure along the length of the Transylvania Motorway and will be, once completed, the largest viaduct in southeast Europe. The viaduct will be a traditional piled structure with a length of 1.8 km (1.1 mi) and 45 spans of 40 m (131 ft).

To build this structure will require 88,000 m3 (115,000 yd3) of concrete, 6.5 tonnes of reinforcement steel, and 1.3 tonnes of stressing cable, 360 pre-cast U-beams each weighing 160 tonnes. Construction work at the viaduct is underway and includes foundation activities, piling installation, reinforcement of concrete pile caps, pier elevations and pier heads. The next phase of construction will involve the U-Beam installation and afterwards, once the U-beams are installed, the placement of the deck slab. Finally, when the deck is completed, the paving activities will be ready to start.

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