Surami Pass

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The Old Surami Pass by A. Kiselyov, 1891
A locomotive can be seen on the left
Celebration of opening Surami tunnel; ca. 1890s

The Surami Pass (Georgian: სურამის უღელტეხილი) is a mountain pass in the Likhi Range of Georgia with an altitude of 949 metres (3,114 ft).

The pass connects the western and eastern part of Georgia. A railroad (in a tunnel) runs through the pass, as well as the ZestaponiKhashuri highway.

Rail service through Surami Pass was opened in 1872. The rail line was electrified in 1933.

Coordinates: 42°01′37″N 43°30′01″E / 42.02694°N 43.50028°E / 42.02694; 43.50028