Suryavanshi Aare Katika

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Aare Suryavanshi is a caste found in India.During the time of the king Shivaji, the Surya Vanshi Are Katikas were warriors and followers of the Maratha king. After the Mughal war on Maratha, the soldiers were scattered and spread all over India.

'Are' is a synonym for Marathi. In the Madras Census Report of 1891, it is recorded that the term "Marathi" denotes the various non-Brahmin castes who went south either as soldiers or camp followers in the armies of Maratha invaders. Their ancient profession was to serve as warriors, but they are now mostly engaged in other professions.

Members of this caste were scattered after Shivaji conquered and defeated Moghul rulers. After the death of their king Shivaji, the clan had none to lead them in battles. They faced many hardships under Muslim rule and had to forgo their identity as warriors, opting for professions such as: liquor dwelling (Jaiswals & Lodha), weaving (Rangrez), farming (Kachi), rasing cows for milk (Ahir Gowli), washermen (Ahir Dhobi), or butchery of sheep (only to the extent of removing the skin of the sheep and cutting it in parts).