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The Suzhou Silk Museum is a 102,000 square foot museum in Suzhou, China which features galleries, working silk-making facilities, a hands-on children's museum and a silk shop. The Introductory Hall features a Silk Road theme that extends through the Central Court and Backyard Garden. The Neoteric Exhibit Hall and Modern Exhibit Hall display contemporary Suzhou silk, recent trends in silk dresses and a display of international prizes that Suzhou has received for their silk products. The Ancient Exhibit Hall shows the development of silk production from the late Neolithic Age to the Ming and Qing dynasties, and on display are ancient silk garments, tapestries, and reproductions of early silk patterns.

Suzhou Silk Museum's Silkwork-Rearing Room allows visitors the ability to see silkworms munch on mulberry leaves. The Silk-Weaving Workshop visitors can see silk thread become finished products. Here you can see traditional silk-weaving technology with live demonstrations of a variety of ancient looms creating brocades, green silk and velvet.

Suzhou Silk Museum Store offers silk garments, scarves, handbags, fans, duvets and bedsheets for sale.

[1] By December, 2009, the live silkworms had been replaced with models.


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