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Svartlamoen Trondheim.jpg

Svartlamon is an alternative district which describes itself as "a gathering of houses in a little place called Lademoen north east of the center of Trondheim, a city in Norway". Most of the houses were built at the end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century. Svartlamon is a result of many years of political struggle[1] which culminated in 2001 when the city parliament decide to rehabilitate the existing buildings and develop the area as an experimental arena for city ecology. Norway's tallest wooden building was built here as the first new construction after this reorganization.

Svartlamon is administered by means of two trusts where the inhabitants and the city parliament both elect members of the steering committees.

The inhabitants of Svartlamon are called Svartlamonites, and they are organized in a residents association. For many years, the inhabitants have arranged the annual Eat the Rich (festival).

There are some small businesses at Svartlamon, among them the free shop, Gratisbutikken a shop that is around 10 years old, and a café called Ramp. Ivar Matlaus Bokkafé, an anarchist bookshop is located here as well.

Svartlamon has a chess team.

The broader context[edit]

Svartlamon shares characteristics with a number of anarchist, communist and socialist communities in Scandinavia. Other examples include the Blitz (movement) in Oslo, the Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen, Kafé 44 in Stockholm and Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen.


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Coordinates: 63°26′18″N 10°25′20″E / 63.43833°N 10.42222°E / 63.43833; 10.42222