Sweaty Nipples

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Sweaty Nipples
OriginPortland, Oregon, United States
GenresFunk metal
Years active1987 (1987)–c.1997
LabelsMegaforce, Elemental
Past membersDavey Nipples
Bradley Mowen
Brian Lehfeldt
Eric French
Dave Merrick
Ryan Moore
Scotty Heard Wade Murff

Sweaty Nipples were an American rock band from Portland, Oregon. The band released two albums before splitting up. Their music has been characterized as "funk metal".


The band formed in Portland in 1987.[1] Band members included Davey Nipples (guitar, bass), Bradley Mowen (drums), Brian Lehfeldt (vocals, drums), Eric French (bass), Dave Merrick (vocals, samples), and Ryan Moore (guitar).[2] They released the album Straight Outta Portland in 1989. The band recorded a second album in 1991 but record label NastyMix filing for bankruptcy meant that it was not released.[2][3] Building up a reputation from their live shows, the band won Portland Music Awards in 1991 for Best Alternative/Metal Act and in 1992 for Best Live Show.[2][4][5] They played on the Lollapalooza tour in 1992.[2][4] With new members Scott Heard (vocals, guitar) and Hans Wagner (drums), the band signed with Megaforce in 1993, and released a self-titled EP followed by the album Bug Harvest, which sold more than 30,000 copies.[2][6]

With Megaforce's demise, the band signed with Elemental and released the album Thrill Crazed Space Kids Blasting the Flesh Off Humans in 1996.

The band's music was featured in some of the 'Play It Loud' advertisements for Nintendo products in the early 1990s.[6]



  • Straight Outta Portland (1989), Media Blitz
  • Bug Harvest (1994), Megaforce
  • Thrill Crazed Space Kids Blasting the Flesh Off Humans (1996), Elemental


  • "What's Your Funktion?" (1989)
  • Sweaty Nipples (1993), Megaforce


  • "Chickensnake" (1991), Tim/Kerr


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