Sweet Song

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"Sweet Song"
Sweet Song by Lady Bird and Wei Son.jpg
Single by Lady Bird feat. Son'i (from Popteen)
Released February 25, 2009[1]
Format CD Single[2]
Genre Dance[1]
Length 30 min[1]
Label BMG Japan[1]
Songwriter(s) DJ Ten & Kazuhisa Hirota[4]

"Sweet Song" is a single released in early 2009 by "Lady Bird feat. Son'i (from Popteen)"; Lady Bird, a dance music duo consisting of DJ Ten and producer Kazuhisa Hirota, and fashion model Wei Son.[2]


The main track "Sweet Song" had been a popular song in the Shibuya club scene and originally performed by another singer in Club Atom, a disco where DJ Ten had been scratching.[2] DJ Ten and Kazuhisa Hirota formed Lady Bird in late 2007[5] and auditioned many female vocalists for "Sweet Song"'s major release, before meeting Wei Son, a fashion model who had appeared on the Popteen magazine.[2]


Lady Bird and Wei Son first released "Sweet Song" as a chaku-uta (ringtone song) on December 1, 2008[6] with the name "Sweet Song feat. XXX (from Popteen)". "Sweet Song feat. XXX (from Popteen)" reached the top-20 on the Dwango chaku-uta chart by December 26, 2008, before the singer's name was revealed to be Son'i (Wei Son).[2]

The CD, "Sweet Song", was released on February 25, 2009, with six tracks; "Sweet Song", "Bitter Chocolate", "Sweet Song (DJ Kaya Remix)", "Sweet Song (Lady Bird Club Mix)", "Sweet Song (Inst)", and "Bitter Chocolate (Inst)". "Sweet Song" appeared on the Oricon singles chart 3 times, peaking at #47.[7]


"Sweet Song"[8]
No. Title Length
1. "Sweet Song" 4:56
2. "Bitter Chocolate" 3:54
3. "Sweet Song (DJ Kaya Remix)" 5:27
4. "Sweet Song (Lady Bird Club Mix)" 6:13
5. "Sweet Song (Inst)" 4:56
6. "Bitter Chocolate (Inst)" 3:55

"Sweet Song" was later included in Lady Bird's first album STYLiST,[9] and track #3, "Sweet Song (DJ Kaya Remix)", was featured in Dancemania's Hime Trance 4.[10]