Swinford Preceptory

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Swinford Preceptory
Swinford Preceptory is located in Leicestershire
Swinford Preceptory
Location within Leicestershire
Monastery information
Order Knights Hospitaller
Established Before 1199
Disestablished 1540
Mother house from 1220 : Dalby Preceptory
Founder(s) Robert Rivell
Location Swinford, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
Coordinates 52°24′22″N 1°10′42″W / 52.406143°N 1.178227°W / 52.406143; -1.178227Coordinates: 52°24′22″N 1°10′42″W / 52.406143°N 1.178227°W / 52.406143; -1.178227
Visible remains None

Swinford Preceptory is a former monastery of the Knights Hospitaller located near to the village of Swinford, Leicestershire.


The preceptory was founded before 1199, with land at Swinford donated to the Knights Hospitaller by Robert Rivell.[1]

Only a small preceptory, it was under the control of Dalby Preceptory before 1220. By 1338, however, the preceptory had become a "camera" (a lesser establishment dependent upon another), under the administration of a seneschal and bailiff.[1]

The Knights Hospitaller in England were disbanded in 1540, and their preceptories dissolved as part of King Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries.[2]

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