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Symbiosis is a British musical ensemble which creates relaxing, ambient music. Symbiosis was first formed in 1987 and consisted of a trio with: flautist, John Hackett; guitarist and cellist, Richard Bolton; and singer, flautist, keyboard player and percussionist, Clive Williamson. Symbiosis' music is used mainly by individuals, therapists and their clients, hospitals, and businesses as a means of relaxation. Symbiosis' music is free-flowing and melodic, as to not disturb deep relaxation of the listener. The group is best known for its album Touching the Clouds (1992), which was found to produce the lowest heart-beat rate in a test at Kingston University and was later recommended by doctors at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London to help reduce stress.

Other musicians who have played on albums by Symbiosis include: Ian Ritchie (soprano sax); Ashley Drees (cittern and mandolin); Michèle Drees (percussion); Sarah Devonald (oboe & cor anglais); Rupert Flindt (fretless bass); Maloviere (tsimbala and violin); Nicki Paxman (violin and keyboards); and Emily Sinclair (flute and vocals).


  • 1988 - Tears of the Moon
  • 1988 - Song of the Peach Tree Spring
  • 1992 - Touching the Clouds
  • 1992 - Atmospheres
  • 1992 - The Inner Voice
  • 1994 - Lake of Dreams
  • 1995 - Autumn Days
  • 1995 - Angels! Angels! Angels!
  • 1996 - Phoenix Rising
  • 1996 - Amber & Jade
  • 1997 - AOTEAROA - Nature Sounds of New Zealand
  • 1997 - Dreams
  • 1998 - Sounds to Relax You
  • 1998 - Instinctive Feng Shui for Creating Sacred Space
  • 1999 - Sea of Light
  • 2002 - The Comfort Zone (Compilation)
  • 2002 - Secrets & Mysteries - the Glory and Pleasure of being a Woman and the video
  • 2005 - Dancing in your Dreams and with author and lecturer Denise Linn

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