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Symbolic may refer to:

  • Symbol, something that represents an idea, a process, or a physical entity

Mathematics, logic, and computing[edit]

  • Symbolic computation, a scientific area concerned with computing with mathematical formulas
  • Symbolic dynamics, a method for modeling dynamical systems by a discrete space consisting of infinite sequences of abstract symbols
  • Symbolic execution, the analysis of computer programs by tracking symbolic rather than actual values
  • Symbolic link, a special type of file in a computer memory storage system
  • Symbolic logic, the use of symbols for logical operations in logic and mathematics


Social sciences[edit]

  • Symbolic anthropology, the study of cultural symbols and how those symbols can be interpreted to better understand a particular society
  • Symbolic capital, the resources available to an individual on the basis of honor, prestige or recognition in sociology and anthropology
  • Symbolic interaction, a system of interaction in sociology
  • Symbolic system, a structured system of symbols in anthropology, sociology and psychology
  • The Symbolic or Symbolic Order, Jacques Lacan's attempt to contrast with The Imaginary and The Real in psychoanalysis

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