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Symbolica (Efteling) 20170521.jpg
Symbolica in August 2017
Cost 35,000,000[1]
Opening dateJuly 1, 2017
General statistics
Attraction typeTrackless darkride
ManufacturerETF Ride Systems
Capacity1400 riders per hour
VehiclesFantasievaarders (fantasy floats)
Riders per vehicle6
Riders per row3
Duration7 minutes
Single rider line available

Symbolica is a trackless dark ride at Efteling theme park in the Netherlands, which opened July 1, 2017.[2]

Construction started on January 11, 2016. With a cost of €35 million, it is the most expensive project ever at Efteling.


Originally, an attraction called Hartenhof would be constructed on the site of Symbolica. The project was postponed multiple times, until it was renamed Symbolica. Construction started January 11, 2016.[1]


The story is of Symbolica is all about visiting king Pardulfus, who lives in Hartenhof (court of hearts). While the visitors await their audience with the king, a character called Pardoes (a jester who is Efteling's main mascot) appears. Pardoes then guides the visitors through hidden parts of the palace.

Ride experience[edit]

Before the visitors can enter their Fantasievaarders (Fantasyfarers), there is a pre-show with two animatronics. A staircase magically opens and the visitors are directed to the boarding station. Here, they can choose one of three different routes: Heldentour (Hero tour), Muziektour (Music tour) and Schattentour (Treasure tour). The castle consists of eleven scenes, where each of the three routes attends nine scenes. Below are the eleven scenes:

  • Observatorium (observatory), the workplace of a wizard called Almar. Almar is present in the form of an animatronic. This room is arranged like a library.
  • Panorama Salon (panorama lounge), a miniature city that's similar to Diorama.
  • Botanicum, decorated as being a botanical garden
  • Schatten Boudoir (treasure boudoir), a part of the Schattentour
  • Helden Kabinet (heroes cabinet), a part of the Heldentour
  • Muziek Salon (music lounge), a part of the Muziektour
  • Verborgen Fantasie Depot (hidden fantasy depot)
  • Koninklijke Champagne Voorraad (royal champagne stocks)
  • Provisie Passage (provision passage)
  • Koningszaal (royal hall), a royal party is going on in this area. The vehicles go around the hall, whilst different couples are dancing.
  • Galerij der Fantasievollen (gallery of imaginers), up on the walls of this scene are moving paintings of those living in the Hartenhof castle.

The ride time is approximately seven minutes.


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