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System C is a British information technology company based in Maidstone, Kent, specialising in the health and social care sectors. It employs about 525 staff.

Not to be confused with SystemC, part of the C++ programming language.

System C supplies integrated solutions across health and social care. It is a market leader in England in the provision of hospital based Patient Administration (PAS) and electronic patient records (EPR) systems, the leader in social care systems, the leader in Child Health systems, and the leader in mobile bedside electronic observation and clinical communications[1].

The company works in a close alliance with Graphnet Ltd, a Milton Keynes based supplier of shared care records systems, and also with Canterbury based developer of mobile apps, Shearwater Systems Ltd. All three companies (System C, Graphnet, and Shearwater) have directors and shareholders in common. Together they are branded as ‘The System C and Graphnet Care Alliance.'

Today System C provides its Medway Electronic Patient Records (EPR) system to over 20 NHS acute trusts, its CarePlus Child Health system to more than 80 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) covering over 6 million children, its Liquidlogic social care system to over 80 local authorities, and its Careflow e-observations and clinical communications system to more than 30 acute hospital trusts[2].The company is involved with Graphnet in several county-wide shared data projects, and is working with Shearwater Systems to develop new models of care that provide patients with long term conditions with mobile applications and wearable technologies to help monitor their care.

System C is involved with a Global Digital Exemplar project at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust to expand the use of information technology within the trust, and to develop new models of care using mobile apps, wearable devices and predictive technology to improve patient care.[3][4]

The company's Careflow (formerly VitalPac) solution has been the subject of several academic studies evidencing the impact that mobile clinical observations and alerts can have on hospital care. A study published in BMJ Quality and Safety, showed that the introduction of VitalPac was accompanied by a sustained 15% reduction in mortality, equivalent to almost 400 fewer deaths per year in one hospital and 370 in the second[5]. Similar results have been evidenced across a cohort of 8 Vitalpac Trusts that were surveyed in 2014/15. [6]According to the NHS Technology Adoption Centre, Vitalpac systematically delivers substantial and sustained returns of between 4 and 6 times investment.[7]

Company History[edit]

The company was founded in 1983 by Markus Bolton initially to market its own fourth generation development language known as Sycero.

In 1993 the company signed a contract with Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust to develop an application for the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E), using Sycero. In 1997 the system at Aintree was extended to provide a patient administration system for the Trust, and System C became exclusively a developer and supplier of healthcare information solutions.

In June 2005 the company floated on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM)[8].

In 2008 System C acquired Nottingham based Care Records Ltd, adding their maternity software to its solution set[9].

In 2009 System C acquired Leeds based Liquidlogic ltd, a market leader in Social care information systems[10].

In 2011 System C delisted from AIM and was acquired by McKesson Corporation[11]. It was acquired by Symphony Technology Group in 2014 from McKesson Corporation and this acquisition saw the return of joint chief executives Markus Bolton and Dr Ian Denley[12]

In 2015 System C acquired ‘The Learning Clinic’ whose VitalPac range of products enable clinicians to capture, assess and act on clinical data at the patient, ward and hospital level[13]. This acquisition was followed in 2016 by the acquisition of Careflow Connect ltd[14], developer of the Careflow secure mobile communications system for clinicians and care professionals.

Today the System C and Graphnet Care Alliance employ over 600 people with offices in Maidstone, Stratford upon Avon, Leeds, Bristol, London (Hammersmith), Warrington, Sheffield, Nottingham, Canterbury, Exeter, and Milton Keynes.

One user of the Medway patient administration system is Noble’s Hospital on the Isle of Man since 2005.[15] University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust started using Medway in 2017, migrating 63 million records and integrating about 60 third party systems.[16]

In April 2017 the company won a contract with the South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit to create a single child health record across a large part of the south of England, involving 14 clinical commissioning groups, 5 local authorities and 6 unitary authorities. The unified record will cover Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Swindon and Bath and North East Somerset, so that when children move within those areas their records will follow them.[17]


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