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System Sacom (システムサコム?), also known as System Sacom Sales Corp., is a Japanese company which sells electronic devices. They are more notable for their past, in which they developed video games. In the eighties, they mainly published games for computers, but they changed focus to home consoles in the nineties. Its head office is located in Tokyo.

Sacom had particular success with their Novel Ware (ノベルウェア?) series, which had tremendous effect within the sound novel and visual novel genres. In the series, they tried to create a fusion of sound and the written word. For example, in a time when most companies were still using FM synthesizers integrated with early Japanese computers, Sacom had progressed to using MIDI.

When the Famicom Disk System was popular, Sacom was a member of DOG (Disk Original Group), of which Square was a prominent member.

Games list[edit]

Note --- This is taken directly from Japanese Wikipedia

For computer[edit]

  • DOME(PC-8801 / PC-9801 / X1 / FM-7 / MSX2 / MZ-2500 / X68000)
  • Shati (シャティ)(PC-8801)
  • Soft de Hard na Monogatari (ソフトでハードな物語)(PC-9801 / X68000)
  • Soft de Hard na Monogatari 2 (ソフトでハードな物語2)(PC-9801 / X68000)
  • 38 man Kiro no Kokū (38万キロの虚空)(PC-9801 / X68000 / FM-TOWNS)
  • Yami no Ketsuzoku (闇の血族)(X68000)
  • Yami no Ketsuzoku -Kanketsuhen- (闇の血族 -完結編-)(X68000)
  • Yami no Ketsuzoku Special (闇の血族Special)(FM-TOWNS)
  • Providence (プロヴィデンス)(PC-8801)
  • Metal Sight (メタルサイト)(X68000)
  • Meruhen Veil (メルヘンヴェール)(PC-9801 / PC-8801 / PC-8801mkⅡSR / X1 / FM-7 / MZ-2500)
  • Meruhen Veil 2 (メルヘンヴェールII)(PC-9801)
  • Euphory (ユーフォリー)(X1)
  • Valna (ヴァルナ)(PC-8801)
  • Yūreikun (幽霊君)(MSX2)
  • Valiant (ヴァリアント)(PC-9801)
  • Moon Ball (ムーンボール)(PC-9801)
  • Brown Zuran (ブラウンズラン)
  • Zone (ゾーン)(PC-9801)
  • Highway Star (ハイウェイスター)(PC-9801)

For console[edit]

  • Grandslam Tennis Tournament '92 (グランドスラムテニストーナメント'92)(MD)
  • Yumemi Yataki no Monogatari (夢見館の物語)(MCD)
  • Gekitotsu Dangan Jidōsha Kessen: Battle Mobile (激突弾丸自動車決戦 バトルモービル)(SFC)
  • Smart Ball (ジェリーボーイ)(SFC)
  • Shinsetsu Yumemi Yakata: Tobira no Oku ni Dareka ga... (真説・夢見館 扉の奥に誰かが…)(SS)
  • Gekkamugentan Torico (月花霧幻譚~TORICO~)/Lunacy(SS)
  • Jikō Tantē DD (時空探偵DD)(SS / PS)
  • Jikō Tantē DD2 (時空探偵DD2)(PS)
  • Eurasia Express Satsujin Jiken (ユーラシアエクスプレス殺人事件)(PS)
  • Are! Mo Kore? Mo Momotarō (あれ!も これ?も 桃太郎)(PS)
  • Gale Racer (ゲイルレーサー)(SS)
  • Astronōka (アストロノーカ)(PS)
  • Iblard -Laputa no Kaeru Machi- (イバラード 〜ラピュタの孵る街〜)(PS)
  • Running High (ランニング・ハイ)(PS)
  • Cyber Daisenryaku (サイバー大戦略)(PS)