Töö Ashuu

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Töö Ashuu
Kyrgyz: Төө-Ашуу, Russian: Тёо-Ашуу or Russian: Тоо-Ашуу
Töö Ashuu is located in Kyrgyzstan
Töö Ashuu
The pass is between Chuy Valley and Kochkor Valley, Suusamyr Valley, and Talas Valley.
Elevation3,180 m (10,433 ft)
Traversed byEuropean route E010
Location Kyrgyzstan
RangeKyrgyz Ala-Too Range
Coordinates42°20′37″N 73°48′24″E / 42.34361°N 73.80667°E / 42.34361; 73.80667Coordinates: 42°20′37″N 73°48′24″E / 42.34361°N 73.80667°E / 42.34361; 73.80667

Töö Ashuu (Kyrgyz: Төө-Ашуу, [tœː ɑʃuː]; Russian: Тёо Ашуу), literally "camel pass", is a mountain pass in Kyrgyzstan on the highway from Bishkek to Osh (European route E010) in Kyrgyzstan approximately 120 km from Bishkek. The pass goes over part of the Kyrgyz Alatau range of the Tien Shan mountains. A 2.7-kilometre-long (1.7 mi) road tunnel enters the mountain at 3130 m on the north side and comes out at 3180 m on the south side. The old pass over the mountain at this point was around 3500 m and thus this road pass is often described as reaching this height.

A ski resort is situated on the south slope of the Too Ashuu pass at 2960 m.a.s.l. The resort has one blue 1,500-metre-long (4,900 ft) ski slope operated by a chairlift with height difference of 200 m. There is a possibility to ski further 1500 m down to the highway. Shuttle marshrutkas then take the skiers back to the top section of the resort.

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