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Too Bad to Be True, or TBTBT, was a Canadian hip hop group active in the 1990s.[1] They were best known for their 1993 album One Track Mind, which won the Juno Award for Rap Recording of the Year at the Juno Awards of 1994.[2]

Based in Toronto, Ontario, the group consisted of teenagers Jeromy "Lyric J" Robinson, Shaka "DJ Shaka" Dodd, Al "Al C" Cox, and Frankie "MC Styles" Scarcelli.[1] The album was released on ISBA Records in Canada and Cold Chillin’/Warner Bros. Records internationally.[3] The group received significant video airplay on MuchMusic for the album's title track,[3] but consistently with the commercial struggles faced by Canadian hip hop at the time, received almost no commercial radio airplay in Canada outside of the Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal markets.[3]


  • One Track Mind (1993)


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