TC/2.4 mine

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A TC/2.4 landmine.
A cutaway of the mine.

The TC/2.4 is a circular plastic cased Italian minimum metal anti-tank blast mine. The mine uses a blast and shock resistant pneumatic fuze. It could be laid by hand or mechanically, and could be fitted with anti-handling devices. An Egyptian copy of the mine is produced, designated as the M/80. The mine was used in Iraq, but is no longer produced.


  • Diameter: 204 mm
  • Height: 108 mm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Explosive content: 2.4 kg of Composition B
  • Operating pressure: 180 to 300 kg

This image is a picture of a M80 mine a copy of the TC 2.4, note the smooth surface of the pressure plate, a TC 2.4 mine (as per Janes Manual 06/07) has a grid indented on the surface and is not smooth. UK MITC