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Publication information
PublisherHorse Press
AdHouse Books
FormatOngoing series
Publication dateTHB
October 1994 - March 1995
THB 6: Mek-Power
2000 - 2001
Giant THB
THB: Comics From Mars
July 2007
No. of issuesTHB
THB 6: Mek-Power
Giant THB
THB: Comics From Mars
Creative team
Created byPaul Pope
Written byPaul Pope

THB is a comic book series by Paul Pope.

Publication history[edit]

Pope published issue one of THB in 1994 during a new wave of black and white independent comic books that included Bone, Hepcats, and Starchild.

Pope has sporadically published issues of THB, which became THB 6: Mek-Power after six issues, then after four issues of that (numbered 6a-6d) the story continued in Giant THB all published by Horse Press. THB: Comics From Mars #1 published by AdHouse Books was an exclusive to the 2007 San Diego Comicon.

Pope is finishing the series, and, in 2007, it was announced that the complete series would be published as "Total THB" - a four-volume, full-color collection - by First Second Books in 2009.[1]


A sci-fi story set on Mars in the future, THB features the adventures of HR Watson, a teenage girl, and her super-powered bodyguard, THB (whose name stands for Tri-Hydro Bi-Oxygenate, a fictional molecule created by Pope). THB resembles a small rubber ball carried around by HR Watson, but when activated with water, expands to take the form of a seven-foot (215 cm) super-powered man.



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