TJ Sokol Mariánské Hory

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TJ Sokol Mariánské Hory
Full name Tělocvičná jednota Sokol Mariánské Hory
Founded 1947
Location Ostrava, Czech Republic
President Czech Republic Mgr. Dalibor Kereškéni
Coach(es) Czech Republic Robert Vann
League(s) KB První Liga
Team kit

TJ Sokol Mariánské Hory is a Czech rugby club based in Mariánské Hory, Ostrava. They currently play in the KB První Liga.


The club was founded in 1947. On 4 July of that year, they played their first match against a team called Slavia Brno.

In 1949 the club played against CFR Bucharest, their first match against opponents outside Czechoslovakia.

In 1979 they reached the final of the Czechoslovak Cup, losing to Praga Rugby 34-14.

More recently, in 2005, they won the Overton International Festival in Overton, England.

Historical names[edit]

  • Sokol Vítkovické Železárny (1947–53)
  • Baník VŽKG Ostrava (1953–56)
  • VŽKG Ostrava (1956–60)
  • Lokomotiva Ostrava (1960–97)
  • Sokol Mariánské Hory (1998-)

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