Nikko TRM-800

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TRM-800 on a rare Realistic STA-240 receiver
Back of unit showing connections

The TRM-800 was a Hi-end solid state integrated stereo amplifier made in Japan, using NEC power transistors, by Nikko. It was the top of the line model in the Nikko amplifier range of TRM's series; beautifully housed in a wooden walnut-finished cabinet and a handsome brushed aluminum front panel, was introduced in 1975, the same year as the Marantz 2235. It was a 2 channel amp; however, it had three sets of speaker connections; those powered selected by buttons. At 8 ohms, the amp could put out 65 Watts per channel RMS (90 Watts per channel RMS at 4 ohms), delivering superb high fidelity sound with exceptional tone quality. Unlike many amps of this time, however, the TRM-800 was stable at lower impedances than 8 ohms; down to 4 ohms. The TRM-800's frequency response ranges 10Hz to 40.000 Hz ±1 dB with T.H.D. less than 0.1% at rated output. Its preamplifier and main amplifier were separable for multi-channel amplifier systems. The amp has internal circuit breakers which prevent it from clipping or overheating. Its power consumption is 250 watts. For equalization it has only a bass and a treble knob; however the frequency of these are selectable; between 250 and 500 Hertz for the bass, and between 2.5 and 5 kHz for the treble. It also has a high, low, and a subsonic filter. There are two excellent phono stages; phono 2 is provided with impedance matching selection, for using different types of cartridges.

Large heatsinks and output transistors
10,000 microfarads