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Týr is the god of law, justice, the sky, war and heroic glory in Norse mythology.

Týr, Tyr, or TYR may also refer to:


  • Týr (band), a Faroese folk metal band
  • Tyr (album), an album by the heavy metal band Black Sabbath
  • Jan Erik Tiwaz, a.k.a. Tyr, a Norwegian bassist formerly with the band Borknagar



  • HNoMS Tyr (1887), a Royal Norwegian Navy minelaying vessel
  • HNoMS Tyr (N50), a Royal Norwegian Navy mine control vessel
  • USS Sustain (AM-119), a US Navy minesweeper acquired by Norway and renamed HNoMS Tyr (N47)
  • ICGV Týr, an offshore patrol vessel and the flagship of the Icelandic Coast Guard
  • Hvalur 9 RE399, an Icelandic whaler requisitioned by the Icelandic Coast Guard and renamed Týr


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