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For the Wildstorm character, see Taboo (Wildstorm).
Taboo #1 (Fall 1988). Art by Stephen R. Bissette.
Publication information
Publisher Spiderbaby Grafix & Publications
Kitchen Sink Press
Schedule Irregular
Format anthology
Genre Horror fiction, anthology
Publication date Fall 1988–1992 (Spiderbaby Grafix)
June–Sept. 1995 (Kitchen Sink)
Number of issues 9
Editor(s) Stephen R. Bissette

Taboo was a comics anthology edited by Steve Bissette that was designed to feature edgier and more adult comics than could be published through mainstream publishers. The series began as a horror anthology, but soon branched out into other genres as well. It was published by various imprints from 1988–1995.

Taboo most notably serialized Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's From Hell. It also featured work by Moebius, Chester Brown, Neil Gaiman, Dave Sim, Michael Zulli, and Charles Vess, as well as Moore & Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls.

Publication history[edit]

Each issue of Taboo was at least one hundred pages long, featuring many stories per issue. Bissette's own imprint Spiderbaby Grafix & Publications published the first seven issues, as well as a "Taboo Especial" one-shot, from 1988 until 1992. Kitchen Sink Press put out two additional issues in 1995.


Taboo won the "Best Anthology" Eisner Award in 1993.[1]



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