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Tadas Karosas (born 1963 in Vilnius) is a businessman, serial entrepreneur, the founder and developer of e-commerce enterprises,the owner of holding company "LTk Capital", the founder and owner of restaurants chain "Čili Holdings".

Tadas Karosas


Tadas Karosas graduated with a law degree from Vilnius University and was assigned to prosecutor's office, where he worked for about 5–6 years.[1] Around 1993, he entered to the business world. The first transactions were privatizations in post-Soviet Lithuania.[1] Since then he has been involved in a variety of business ventures in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Spain, Finland, South Africa, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Romania.

Business career[edit]


Tadas Karosas is the owner of "LTk Capital" holding (established in 2001), which concentrates in e-commerce business. The holding "LTk Capital" manages:

In 2008 invested in e-shop „pigu.lt“ - which became leader e-commerce in Lithuania;

In 2011 invested in oldest e-shop in Latvia „220.lv“. Later it was invested in other e-shops: „dlb.lv“ in Latvia, „dlb.ee“ in Estonia, „dlb.fi“ in Finland. Now these e-shops are growing rapidly.

In 2014 invested in food delivery system "FoodOut".

Food industry

Tadas Karosas is the founder, owner and Member of the Board of "Čili Holdings" - the largest restaurant chain in the Baltic states. Since the beginning 130 restaurant were opened mostly in Baltic States, few in Ukraine, Poland, Romania. In 2014 the restaurant in Spain was opened. The chain currently manages "Čili pica","Čili kaimas", "SOYA", "Forest", "Fit Food" restaurants.

Food manufacturing unit "Maisto namai" was established for centralized quality and business efficiency.

Developed and sold businesses

In 2013 e-shop for woman sau.lt was launched. After successful beginning the e-shop was sold to market leader.

In 2009 started e-commerce project "AmazingSales.com in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. The start-up was sold in 2012.

In 2004 Tadas Karosas founded and developed one of the largest companies in the Baltic States' which specializes in the import and wholesale of cosmetics and perfumes "Kruzas Nordic Cosmetics Distribution" and chain of spa centers, massage facilities and salons "East Island". "Kruzas NCD" were successfully sold in 2014 to Finnish Berner Company.

In 2007 Tadas Karosas established online TV "ctv.lt", which was sold in 2011.

In 2001 Tadas Karosas founded "Gelvoros saugos konsultacijos" - debt recovery and management company, which was sold to Swedish company.

In 2000 the entrepreneur established and developed "Gelvora" - physical and intellectual security company, the basis of which currently works "Falcksecurity" in Lithuania.

Tadas Karosas in 1991 founded and in 2004 successfully sold the cosmetics and perfumes shops chain "SARMA", on the basis of which currently works "Douglas".


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