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Taia may refer to:

  • Taia (band), a Japanese metal band
  • Taia River, a tributary of the Jiul de Est River in Romania.
  • Tiye or Taia, a queen of Ancient Egypt
  • Taia which is pronounced "teia" in English, can also have the meaning to the words "web" or "webb" In Portuguese/Spanish language
  • Princess Taia of Thebes, a character in Ibis the Invincible

People with the surname[edit]

  • Abdellah Taïa (born 1973), Moroccan writer
  • Mapu Taia (born 1939), Cook Islands politician and Speaker of the Cook Islands Parliament
  • Zeb Taia (born 1984), rugby league player

See also[edit]

  • Taya, a given name and surname
  • Teia, the last Ostrogothic king in Italy
  • Taya, Hindu term for elder paternal uncle (father's brother)
  • Thaia (disambiguation)