Takahiro Hōjō

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Takahiro Hōjō
Native name 北条 隆博
Born 小嶋 隆浩 (Takahiro Kojima)
(1986-05-25) 25 May 1986 (age 30)
Aichi, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Actor
Years active 2000–2013

Takahiro Hōjō (北条 隆博 Hōjō Takahiro?, born May 25, 1986, in Aichi, Japan) is a retired Japanese actor. According to Ryoji Morimoto, Takahiro has retired from his acting career and currently moves to work at a restaurant in Nagoya. However, despite the cases, he reprised his role as Kamen Rider Leangle in Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3, though only providing his voice.


Video games[edit]

  • Kamen Rider Blade as Kamen Rider Leangle
  • Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes as Kamen Rider Leangle
  • Kamen Rider Summon Ride! as Kamen Rider Leangle

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