Takatsukasa family

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Takatsukasa family
Parent house Konoe family (Fujiwara clan)
Titles Various
Founder Fujiwara Kanehira
Founding year 13th century
Dissolution still extant

Takatsukasa clan (鷹司家, Takutsukasa-ke) was a Japanese aristocratic kin group.[1] The Takatsukasa was a branch of the Fujiwara clan.[2]


The family was founded by Fujiwara Kanehira (1228– 1294), who was the sixth son of Konoe Iezane. He was the first to take this name.[1] The family took its name from the section of Kyoto in which they resided. The family crest is the peony.[citation needed]

The Takatsukasa was one of the five Fujiwara families from which the Sesshō and Kampaku were chosen.[1]

The Takatsukasa family died out in the Sengoku period. Later, at the beginning of the Edo period, a son of Nijō Haruyoshi took the name Takatsukasa Nobufusa and revived the household which halted at Tadafuyu.[citation needed]

Nobufusa's daughter Takako married Iemitsu, the third Tokugawa shogun.

In 1869, the head of the Takatsukasa family became duke in the kazoku system.[1] Princess Kazuko, the third daughter of Hirohito, the Emperor Showa, married the heir of Takatsukasa.[citation needed]

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