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Taku may refer to:


North America[edit]


  • Taku Forts, forts on the south bank of the Hai He, in Tanggu District, Tianjin municipality, in northeastern China
  • Taku, Saga, a city located in Saga prefecture on the island of Kyūshū, Japan
  • Taku, India, a town in India


  • The Taku people, an Alaska Native group, who are a kwaan or tribe of the Tlingit


Surnamed "Taku"
Nicknamed "Taku"
Given name "Taku"

"Taku" is a Japanese male given name


  • HMS Taku (1900), the former German-built (at Schichau-Werke in 1898) Chinese destroyer Hai Lung captured by the British Navy at the Battle of Taku Forts on 17 June 1900 and added to the British Navy; she was sold in October 1916 to be scrapped.
  • HMS Taku (N38), a 1939 British T class submarine
  • MV Taku, a 1963 vessel for the Alaska Marine Highway System
  • USC&GS Taku, an 1898 United States Coast Guard and Geodetic Survey ship
  • Taku Station, a railway station in Taku, Saga, Japan


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