Talemzane crater

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Landsat image of the Talemzane crater; screen capture from NASA World Wind
Oblique Landsat image of Talemzane crater draped over digital elevation model (x3 vertical exaggeration); screen capture from NASA World Wind

Madna or Talemzane (Arabic: مادنة / تالمزان‎‎) is an impact crater in Algeria, 40 km south-east of Hassi Delaa (a small city).[1]

Explored for the first time in 1928, studied in 1950 and 1988 by researchers from the universities of Oran (Algeria) and Nice (France). It is 1.75 km in diameter and the age is estimated to be less than three million years and is probably Pliocene.


Coordinates: 33°18′54″N 4°2′7″E / 33.31500°N 4.03528°E / 33.31500; 4.03528