Tales from the Vinegar Side

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Tales from the Vinegar Side
Studio album by Gigolo Aunts
Released 1990
Genre Rock, alternative, power pop
Label Imposible Records (Spain)
Producer Paul Q. Kolderie
Gigolo Aunts chronology
Everybody Happy
Tales from the Vinegar Side
Full-On Bloom (EP)

Tales from the Vinegar Side is the 1990 second album by Gigolo Aunts, released on Imposible Records in Spain.[1][2][3][4][5] The record contains a cover of the Chris Bell composition "I Am the Cosmos"[6] and the song "Down on Me", a modest Boston radio hit. This release was the first of several for the band in Spain, where they are very popular,[7] including a split single with the Posies of "I Am the Cosmos" in 1992 on Munster Records.

Track listing[edit]

Spanish Version (Imposible Records) Catalog Number: IMP-020 (1990), Format: LP

  1. "I Am the Cosmos" (Chris Bell) 3:09
  2. "Down on Me" (Gigolo Aunts) 3:40
  3. "It Takes a Little Bit of Time" (Gigolo Aunts) 3:46
  4. "Bako Jr." (Gigolo Aunts) 4:41
  5. "Nervousness" (Gigolo Aunts) 3:12
  6. "The Vinegar Side" (Gigolo Aunts) 3:12
  7. "Come Down #4" (Gigolo Aunts) 3:22
  8. "That Just Goes to Show Ya" (Gigolo Aunts) 4:14
  9. "Pretty" (Gigolo Aunts) 2:42
  10. "Perspire" (Gigolo Aunts) 2:29
  11. "Home of the Brave" (Gigolo Aunts) 4:28


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