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March, 11, 1963 - 40 years back. The monument in honor of the Ural voluntary tank corps, of soldiers, officers and generals was open in Perm in front of a garrison Officers House. 60 years back at the intense moment of WWII, Ural people have acted with the initiative to create the voluntary tank corps and to equip on the them means. The voluntary tank corps became a top of arms formations of Ural. 3 tank brigades (including Perm tank brigade) and one motor-shooting brigade and other military units were included in its structure. March, 23 1943 is Birthday of the Perm tank brigade. June, 1 1943 the sending of tank men at front-line were held. The Ural voluntary tank corps participated to Orel-Kursk, Proskurovo-Kamenetc-Podolsk, Lvov-Sandomir, Vistula-Oder and Berlin militant operations. May, 5 1945 corps has left to the aid of brotherly Czechoslovak people in structure of the its army grouping. The corps was awarded with the "Order of the Red Banner", the "Order of Suvorov", the "Order of Kutuzov", and the Perm-Keletcky tanks brigade in addition with the "Order of Bogdan Khmelnitskiy" for heroism shown in battles. October, 25 1943 corps was enlisted in the Guards, to elite of the Soviet Army. Monuments in honour of the Ural voluntary tank corps were established in cities of Orel, Unetcha, Kamenetc-Podolsk, Ternopol, Lvov, Berlin, Prague. The memorial to the Ural voluntary tank corps was constructed in Perm under the initiative of tank men - veterans of the corps to 20-th anniversary of formation of the Perm tank brigade. Opening of a memorial occurred in solemn conditions on March, 11 1963.

Solemn ceremonies, devoted to a 60-anniversary of the formations of the Ural voluntary tank corps, were carried out in Perm on March, 11 2003.

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