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18-th army It is generated in June, 1941 on the basis of management of the Kharkov military district and armies of the Kiev Special military district. Originally 17-th entered into it(her) shooting, 16-th mechanized cases, 64-th aviation and 45-th mixed aviation divisions. In structure of Southern, Северо - Caucasian, Transcaucasian, 1-st and 4-th Ukrainian fronts conducted defensive fights in Right-bank Ukraine, participated in Donbass, the Rostov defensive and offensive operations, in Fight for Caucasus, Керченско - Эльтигенской landing operation, clearing of Right-bank Ukraine, Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia. It is disbanded after war.

Commanders: Smirnov A. (June - October 1941), the general-lieutenant Колпакчи Century (October November, 0 1941), the general-major Kamkov F. (November 1941-February 1942 and April - on October, 19th 1942), the ген.-major Smirnov I. (February - April 1942), the general-lieutenant Grechko A. (October 1942 - on January, 5th 1943), the general-major Ryzhov And. (January - on February, 11th 1943), the general-major Koroteyev To. (February - on March, 16th 1943), the general-major Leselidze K. (March 1943 - on February, 6th 1944), the ген.-lieutenant, since October 1943 ген.-colonel Zhuravlyov. (February - November 1944), the general-lieutenant Gastilovich A. (November 1944 - May 1945), the ген.-major, since January 1945 ген.-lieutenant

 The literature: 

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Lenskii info[edit]

• армейское управление, выделяемое согласно мобплану из управ¬ ления ХВО000; исходя из решений, принятых 21.06.41, по дирек¬ тиве ГШ РККА от 24.06.41 объединило шесть дивизий, выделяе¬ мых в состав Южного фронта от фронта Юго-Западного0000