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The Talent Of This Era[edit]

People in 2007 brag about the talent of the current NBA, a league of 30-odd teams, millions of fans and billions of dollars. It didn't grow from a tree. The players from this NBA season were part of the stars that built the NBA fans enjoy today. Without them, it wouldn't be here, simply put. Start with the Celtics. Red Auerbach practically invented pro basketball, including features like the sixth man and the way team defense is played. John Havlichek was that sixth man, a growing superstar in the making. Bill Russell was the center who let others score, but guarded the middle and collected rebounds like a calculating tiger. No shot blocker will ever have more impact than Russell. Wilt Chamberlain is only the greatest player ever. As a scorer, rebounder, shot blocker, shooter for accuracy or foul shooter for number of tries, Wilt has no peer. He played more minutes than anyone else ever could, and even passed with high skill. His presence alone boosted league attendance in this crucial era and kept the league afloat. Elgin Baylor, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Jerry Lucas and Bob Pettit could have been All-Pros in any era, including today. None had the luxury of a three-point line. All five would likely have made a mockery of that stripe while also showing other aspects to their legendary games. Baylor had soaring moves and skills that rival anyone today or better. West had the best jumper perhaps ever, but also passed and defended on the top tier. Robertson's all-around package may have no peer ever. Lucas shot and passed greatly but he rebounded better than any forward ever. Bob Pettit's all-around game also came with remarkable hops at two positions. There were others this year as well, but these eight players make the point strongly enough. There were just nine teams this year. No charter flights. No shoe industry. No fancy hotels. No cushy schedule. No ridiculous salaries. No escort services. Just some of the best hoops ever played. You better believe a team of stars from this season could give today's stars a run for their money, prime vs. prime, perhaps even to win. But today's stars owe them a debt in any case.

Philagelphia Franchise Bug[edit]

There's a wierd bug talking about the team in philly. sum1 fix it 21:15, 10 June 2007 (UTC)