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Neutrality in intro/description of incident[edit]

Some things about this article seem to me to be NPOV in tone. I have made changes to the intro to fix some problems, but I don't feel up to tackling the "Incident" section. Right now it almost reads like a forum thread, with various reports from one side or the other alternating in a kind of back-and-forth debate. While it's hard to get objective information, the section should needs to make clear what parts of the incident are generally accepted as fact and what parts are disputed. For example:

"The initial cause of the violence is unclear. The military reports that a "terrorist group" ... . However, witnesses state that the military initiated the violence, .... The Muslim Brotherhood has called the event a "massacre" and called for ... ." And so on.

This will require some careful review of the sources, which I do not have time to do myself at present. I have added a template to encourage other editors to make some changes. (talk) 08:02, 11 July 2013 (UTC)