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Alignment in IT[edit]


Which articles are you talking about? Perhaps you would like to read this one: "The Alignment Enigma" by David P. Norton; Cofounder, president and CEO of Balanced Score Card Collaborative Inc. and Coauthor with Robert Kaplan of "Strategy-Focused Organizations". There are many articles on the subject, though not everything is "in the articles".

Anyway, it is very sad to have discovered, after your reversion of my contribution, that IT have spent some twenty years working on nothing, since my field (IT alignment) is not in the articles! What a shame. I am telling the big companies, I have worked for, that they are awfully wrong about this.


Dear DrWorld,

I was referring to articles in Wikipedia. This is a disambiguation page pointing to different wikipedia articles related to alignment in different fields. Once there is an article on IT alignment in Wikipedia, it should be added to this page. Or if at least the article about IT discusses IT alignment, we can add it. But if you just say that word alignment is used in IT in different vague meanings, it should not be here. I did not claim that IT alignment is not important, I just claim that at present it is not described in Wikipedia. Brona 15:54, 8 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Sorry for the misunderstanding.